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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
If you are looking for a media library manager for use in Windows I'd take a look at MusicBee. I don't usually sync my players but I have a Fuze and I keep in MTP to stay familiar with MTP transfer. MusicBee handles that in a transparent, relatively intuitive.
Do you also own a J3, with both internal and external storage?

I'm not at all familiar with MusicBee, and run MSC mode so that I have Windows drive letters. But I've read about others who've tried MediaMonkey with MTP mode and the "playlists" created on the J3 would only support music files on internal storage.

MTP mode and the J3 involves PLA playlists, not M3U playlists. From what I've seen and tried myself, only Windows Explorer truly understands MTP mode and can handle the "internal storage" and"external storage" notation, rather than Windows drive letters, and build PLA playlists that truly support both internal and external storage of the J3.

Since MediaMonkey and MTP mode apparently does NOT work as hoped, and does NOT build PLA playlists to support music files on both internal and external storage of the J3, I'm very curious as to whether this MusicBee program CAN do what MediaMonkey cannot.

One of the things we discovered was as long as the music is all added by MusicBee in MTP it can create playlists that contain files from both the internal and external memories on a Clip Zip and my Fuze. Since I don't use sync much I'm not sure if those can be kept in sync. It does sync playlists that hold files from a single memory in the short tests I've tried.
Again... you make no mention of J3 here.

Have you tried MusicBee in MTP mode with J3 that contains both internal and external storage? If so, can you confirm that it CAN build/maintain PLA playlists which support music files on both internal and external storage of the J3?
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