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Old 12-27-2011, 12:56 PM
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First of all, thanks to dfkt for all the great work.

Now, I'd appreciate if dfkt (or someone else with knowledge) has the time to answer this question that has been riddling me forever:

What's the best in-ear for good quantity and quality bass reproduction with good isolation?

I'm looking for a good quality iem in all regards. Right now I use the Shure SE530 with Comply's and I'm pretty happy with that, but I'd like a bit more bass without overall quality suffering and I'm not willing to sacrifice the isolation. Maybe even a little less sibilance if possible.

Now, some people say that the Earsonics SM3 has more bass than the SE530 and some people say that the SE530 has more. Then again, some say the Westone UM3X or Westone 3 has more or as much bass than the SE530 or SM3 and other say that they have less. It's pretty confusing! People just don't seem to be able to decide a simple thing like that.

So... How is it? What IEM puts the most bass with good overall sound quality while giving good isolation? Will the SM3 give more bass than SE530?

Ps. Depth of insertion and tightness of seal is important to me. The best insertion that I've got from iem's that I've tried was with Shure SE210, which has a low angle between the tip and the earphone. The SE530 has a greater angle between the tip that's inserted into ear and the body of the earphone so they don't go quite as deep. The Westone's seem to have (what I've been able to figure out from pictures) even more angle between the tip and the body, so they may not insert as deep. Then again, the Earsonics would appear to have a pretty low angle and I would guess that they can be inserted more easily deep enough than the SE530. Can you share ony wisdom on this part also?

Thanks a bunch!
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