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Originally Posted by Sykes View Post
Well, Sony and Philips are what I wanted to avoid, especially when it meant paying more to get the same quality. For now, I just ordered Meelectronics M2 - 15 eur including shipping from US (cheaper then from UK, much cheaper than from other locations). No J-cord, but over the ear will have to work I guess. And it seems to have a decent cable, unlike most phones in the price range. And an L-jack. I'll have to do.

Indeed, I should have asked 'what happened to decent build quality'? I know earphones were never much, but...

And I still don't understand the Dr. Dre reference
Beats by Dr. Dre headphones sold by Monster. They're supposedly tuned according to Dre's specifications, but they don't even work that well with rap and hip-hop. Perhaps it's because you don't live in North America but over here kids go crazy over any product that celebrities promote, which I find disgusting.

And yes, Syndrome was referring more to sound quality than cord jacks in his remark.
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Turn down the volume when playing music. Your ears will thank you.
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