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Default FutureSonics Atrio M5s - New model?!

I have received a new pair of Atrio M5s today - my third.

This time, they have come in new packaging - an old school egg carton style box. Looks better than before.

The earphones themselves also appear to have been updated. A slightly longer cable. I don't notice anything else, yet.

Does this mean that they're a new and revised model - or same earphones in different packaging?

M5s always seem to sound their best before they're worn-in. Awesome basslines! Enjoying them now!

Here's the photo:

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I don't know what revision you were using before or when you bought the old one. If at the reverse of the box, it says "MG7" under ProTransducers, then it's the latest model. I've not heard any other Atrio. But based on what I've read M5 (MG7) has better treble than previous revisions (original M5 & rev 2). It should look the same though -
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This is the first m5 I've ever owned (w/ mg7) and my only complaint is finding the right songs to play with it. When I get a good quality song it's simply amazing. Then other songs I used to enjoy with cheaper earphones, just don't sound nearly as good. Double edged sword, but I'll deal hahaha.
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Hi Esanthosh, thanks for linking to that great review. It would appear that my new M5s definitely have the improved MG7 drivers. However, they also appear to have become slightly more difficult to fit perfectly in my ear, when worn with the same Shure sleeves!
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