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Originally Posted by mamamia88 View Post
fair enough but, while i love your firmware your site needs some improvement. you shouldn't have a user manual link to files that won't work for the specific player that the manual is for.
We don't even have a complete manual yet for that player. Its just two chapters directly copied from the Clip+. If you need documentation, wait for an actual release with a manual, installer, etc. If you decide to use an unstable target before the documentation is written, then you'll need to find the information yourself.

Originally Posted by mamamia88 View Post
I understand that you probably just create a single manual for all 3 clips but, if there are specific instructions for a certain player then it needs to be big and bold like[B] DOES NOT WORK WITH CLIP ZIP YET IF YOU WISH TO INSTALL ON CLIP ZIP USE THIS FILE
If the lack of a manual bothers you, feel free to submit the missing sections.
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