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Default Verifying a Hard Drive Failure


My Zen has stopped working. About 30 seconds after I boot up, a recovery screen pops up. I have tried all of the options, and none work. I have also tried reformatting through my computer. I just want to verify that this is, in fact, a hard drive failure. Before this happened, I was thinking about upgrading my hard drive. Would replacing the hard drive fix the player?

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Well, Does it say 50MB instead of 30/60GB?? if so.. its a dead HDD :P
well recovery boot up.. normally is, replacing it more the likely will fix this issue,
I didn't bother when it happened to me though, I just got a Zen X-Fi, and Glad I did haha
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Default Hard disk problem

I had the same thing. When I spoke to creative they said I could always replace the drive myself - its gone bad 4 times now and they won't fix it again. I got a 40Gb Toshiba MK4009GAL - right size but only 40Gb. Just installed it and the same thing happens - very frustrating! Still goes into recovery mode and I can't find a way of bypassing this. The disc supplier said it should work, but not sure what to do next.
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Hi I'm having the exact same issue. My ZVM 60Gb slim dropped and returned a HD problem. I replaced my Seagate 60Gb with a Toshiba MK1231GAL 120Gb.
I keep on getting the harddisk problem in the recovery mode. Reloading the firmware also does not work as the prog. get stuck around 90%
In My Computer the ZVM shows up as 50Mb but formatting from XP is not possible. I'm not whether my "new" Toshiba has gone bad, or maybe the cable connection (ZIF) or if it's a software/firmware issue. I can't easily return my Toshiba HD as it coming from NY while I'm living in The Netherlands. Anybody had this issue before/ knows a resolution? De-installing WMP11 didn't work...
Thanks for any suggestion,I just love my ZVM and want to bring it alive again...
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Default Mk1231gal

Hi all,

I have suffered the same problem as Grapez with a Toshiba MK1231GAL 120Gb.

I bought it on ebay, described as follows:

*120GB iPod Classic & Zune MP3 MK1231GAL 120Gb 1.8" Hard Drive * single platter 5mm drive.


However, after failing to get it to respond in the Vision M or my PC I later noticed the following disclaimer:

"This drive is NOT compatible with PC or MAC. This cannot be used as an internal/external hard disk for anything other than an iPod/Zune. You take all risk for making this drive work in anything other than an iPod/Zune."

Having failed to make any progress with it, I followed advice on several webpages and tried to format the disc with Windows Vista, 7, and XP all without success.

The disc powers up, spins, and sounds healthy but will not respond in my machines.

I bought this disk having read on this site that it works in the Vision M and messaged the posters who had claimed this but have not received a reply from them. I have a slight suspicion that I have been victim of deliberate misinformation perhaps to promote the sales of this product. There is no other explanation I can find and will probably have to sell it on eBay if I can find no new options.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has suffered similarly, particularly Grapez as your description is very close to my situation.

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Default Have you tried Linux?

this is a long-shot, but have you tried using the drive on a Linux Machine? Also, the interface of the drive could be the wrong one because some iPod Classic Drives have the CE-ATA Interface, which is not compatible at all with the ZVMS that use either a ZIF or 44 pin PATA interface.
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