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Originally Posted by JK98 View Post
I doubt that I would ever pay more than $100 for earphones.
Haha! That was me 1,5 year ago! This year I have bought ATH ES10 for 30.000 yen, a pair of very rare and discontinued Sony MDR E484 earbuds for 153 euro (+ 13 euro for shipping), even older and discontinued Sony MDR E282 earbuds for 129 euro (+ 17 euro in shipping), discontinued Sony MDR E464 earbuds for around £76 (shipping and old Sony D88 discman included), and last but not least even rarer Aiwa HP D9 earbuds for 111 euro (+ 7 euro for shipping)

Are they worth the price? For the ATH ES10, I think they are slightly overpriced. The retail price is close to 50.000 yen, but Yodobashi Camera in Japan has lowered the price to 30.000. Around 25.000 would be a resonable price.

About the rare discontinued earbuds, I'm paying for a rare commodity and not for sound. I'm surprised that something that was discontinued almost 20 years ago can sound much better than my Yuin PK2. The Sony MDR E484 has got a very deep bass and still quite a wide soundstage.
The Aiwa D9 at first was a disappointment. The left side driver didn't have any bass. I opened up the driver and put scotch tape over what looked to be a hole in the plastic diaphragm/membrane, and what do you know! The driver started working as normal again! The Aiwa D9 is incredibly detailed, but lacks bass. That is okay since the soundstage is very wide and deep and you can clearly hear tiny details and instrument layerings. I've never heard such a sound from a pair of earbuds. A pair of Aiwa D9 just sold on Ebay for over 300 euro!

Anyway, the best $50 earbuds in my mind is the Blox M2C. Unfortunately Blox is a much smaller company than Yuin, so they only make small batches that tend to sell out quick. The detail level on the M2C is about the same as on the PK2 and bass is slightly subdued compared to the PK2. But the soundstage is quite wide and deep. I like my PK2, but the M2C beats them.
Considering the OP:s taste in music, the M2C might be better than the PK2.
Haven't heard the PK1. I don't care for high impedance earbuds.

I don't know when Blox will have a new batch for sale, but you can look on their homepage now and then:
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