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Default IEM for Sansa Clip Zip (50$)

  • Price Range: Max : $50, but always better if less..
  • Type/Design: in-ear monitor (iem)
  • Closed Style: have a sealed housing, tighter soundstage, isolate ambient sound, stronger bass and possible negative effect of distorting sound in certain frequencies due to resonances within the housing.
  • Primary location of use: on the go
  • Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: I really don't know
  • Media: Pop, rock, alternative
  • Source: Sansa Clip ZIP
A HUGE plus would be some IEM with a remote able to control my Sansa.

Thanks !
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"stronger bass and possible negative effect of distorting sound in certain frequencies" sounds like cx300s would fit that bill easy or sennheiser's latest replacement of them. If you want warm sound with clear sound across the spectrum but not deep extension or too high extension the A151's on sale may be an option.

Edit: look at the deal here and you can read about them here

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