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Default $50 budget headphones

what would be the best 50 dollar headphones.
They need to be over ear headphones
that would be used by a 12 year old
indoors to do recording (mixing?).
My boss is getting them for his grandson for christmas.
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You may want to take a look at this thread. There were a number of decent suggestions made there that might help in your search. The thread is a month or so old so I'm not sure how well some of the suggestions have held their price.

Take a look at the studio monitors. They're usually tuned to give a relatively balanced response that should work well for mixing.
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I'd say the Sennheiser HD 428 are good to look into. While open phones are probably better for home use, they're less than fifty and are studio monitors, IIRC. They were a pair that I was looking at before, opted for some more expensive ones.
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Take a look at Superlux . Their headphones have been praised for great value. Also I agree with steinburger that the HD428 is a good set (I have one myself), but if you're looking for bass, this is not the headphone to get.
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Those are pretty nice, for even less money:
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we went with the 428's had to get the order in so they had time to ship before christmas.
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Too late now I guess, but I found a deal on HD428 refurbs for $20 shipped. Most of the comments say they come like new. Here is the deal if anyone is interested.

EDIT: Decided I would get one based on the comments here. Probably give to my brother for Christmas if they are in good condition. His JVC Flats are on the decline. And if not well . . .
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