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Originally Posted by Enigmatic View Post
For sound quality, headphones tend to make more of a difference than the MP3 player. When all the signal processing is switched off, a competently-designed MP3 player is probably going to sound about the same as any other competently-designed MP3 player. The signal processing offered is probably going to be a greater variable. If a user is into using signal processing, the result is something we like to call the MP3 player’s sound signature.

Okey dokes. Wound up picking up one of these and the earphones listed above. Figured I might as well enjoy my old bass which I once really enjoyed on my S-639. Dunno much about signal processing, but I figured based on what you said that there wouldn't be a huge difference in SQ. All the reviews I've come across on that device don't seem to mention technical issues like sound or any SQ-related problems. I'll report back to this thread once I get the earphones and the refurb (This eBay seller bought a bunch of the one I bought when Sony had it going for $35, hence the low price).

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