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Old 12-09-2011, 10:45 PM
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After further testing for a few days, to summarize:

1. With using OF, apart from the skipping issues, my X5L freezes and require reset during playing.

2. With considering the fact that the startup problems could be fixed after the original firmware is executed (when connected to a charger or connected to the computer via usb), I changed back to "V2 bootloader + OF (2.10e) dualboot compiled by mkboot.exe".

3. After changing back to the dualboot firmware, the startup problem remains, but the skipping and freezing problem doesn't appear in rockbox anymore. At the same time, I got a solution now (although it is not a complete one):

When starting up rockbox, and X5L freezes at bootloader, wait and let it power off by itself, rockbox bootloader should report "ATA ERROR XX" before shutting down. If "ATA ERROR -32" was shown, startup rockbox again, if "ATA ERROR -1" was shown, start OF, it should show "HDD ERROR" and shutdown by itself. After that, rockbox can be startup without problem.

NOTE: I tried to start OF right after "ATA ERROR -32" is displayed by rockbox bootloader and shutdown, the OF will freeze and need to reset.

I don't understand the real reason behind these problems, these results were obtained by trial and error methods, I hope these information would help other X5 series owners.
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