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Originally Posted by Syndrome View Post
If I said to avoid a tube amp(I may have... damn drunken posting) then I just meant to say that they cost alot of money, they use alot of power compared to a solid state amp, and I've never had one so can't speak for the advantages. Mostly if you can afford one then get one for sure, I've never heard of anything doing the 650's as well as a tubeamp will do.
I think I can fill you out on that one.
While I truly can appreciate the charm associated with tube amplifiers, that is in fact all that extra money will give you: a warm, somewhat fuzzy feeling in your belly. As regarding gains toward sound quality, there are none, as I see it.
And I'll have to second WalkGoods numerous comments on the HD650 buing a tough challenge for an amplifier; it really isn't!
It's a moderately high Z, high sensitivity dynamic headphone, and as such it's like butter for any decent amplifier.

Now the SM3, there you have a challange.
While the stated nominal impedance might be moderately high, it's almost definitely varying quite a bit with frequency, as most balanced armatures do, and the xovers don't make things easier either. Any high output amplifier (which the WA6 is, despite its output transformer coupled nature) is destined to mess with the frequenzy range, and throw imaging right off the mark. And then there's the noise.
No, running IEMs from a tube amplifier is just stupid.
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