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Default On-The-Go Playlists

Originally Posted by Just Some Guy View Post
I'd rather have one with 64 or more (maybe 80 to 100) GB, 40 hours (but more is fine) battery life, with on-the-go playlist creation and editing.

Everything else is fine, I just want playlist control on the player. What if there's a zombie apocalypse, and I have a small power source to charge my player, but nothing close enough to power a computer? How am I supposed to make new and change playlists then?

Yeah, think about that, Sony. Think about it.

Any way, back on topic...

Those are nice. Too bad about the stolen one. My condolences.
Although I'm very late to this discussion, I'll add my comments since it applies to the comments in the first paragraph and this might be of interest to others. I have one of the recently released NWZ-E465 players (a 16GB Flash player) and one of the great feature additions (it may have been on previous Walkman players but this is the first one I've had with this feature) is the ability to create and edit on-the-go playlists on the player.

These playlists are called "Bookmark Lists" and there are a total of five available Bookmark Lists. Each Bookmark List can hold a total of 100 tracks. You can do the following with each of the Bookmark Lists on the player: add songs, delete songs, and reorder the list.

I haven't gotten much use out of this feature since I usually just create the playlists for my player with my music management software. Still, it is a welcome addition to my player, and a feature that many people have requested for a while.
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