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Originally Posted by Moyt View Post
... Amp wise, it's been advised to me before but can I ask why I may not go for a tube amp? Also why would you go wa3 than wa6 apart from costs? ...
That was Syndrome, I'll enjoy reading his response too Been a long time since I tried the WA3 but IIRC it should be transparent with the HD650s, I think the main difference: The WA6 drives both high and low impedance phones, if you will ever want to drive IEMs or other low impedance headphones, the WA6 would be the way to go. As the WA3 is not designed for low impedance headphones, it’s an OTL amp (output transformer less or look here), simply meaning it’s not designed for low impedance phones. But the WA3 will drive the HD650s and many other high impedance phones just fine, using the HD650s I couldn’t claim to be able to tell the subtle differences unless I had both side by side and even then I would be hard pressed IMHO. The price difference could be that good transformers are expensive, other than that on a quick look on Jack’s site you’ll see the spec differences like THD numbers, etc, etc...

Originally Posted by Moyt View Post
... I would have been interested to see what significant differences there would be between an o2 and a wa3/6 using hd 650s What a bummer these things can't be tried out. ...
I wouldn't doubt to see the O2 at some of the annual meets in the near future, you're sure to see a lot of Jack's amps but AFAIK the only way to test these things out are at meets which all are welcome.

*BTW I'm very happy with my set up but in no way am I pushing it or tubes in my posts, that's a decision you'd have to make.

Edit: If you end up going solid state, you could always get a tube sound by picking the right VST plugins for your player. For example on foobar2000 you can look here and there's plenty for winamp too, I ran BBE on it.

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