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I consider myself a tad bit of an audiophile, I'd recommend only 2 products: cowon and sony. As always, pick one that suites your needs.

I've had the cowon s9 and it has served me well.

1. Cowon has a ton of eq settings to choose from. While the sony, they don't have as much.
2. About the audio quality, I'd say cowons are more balanced as suppose to the heavy-ish bass sony.
3.If you're using a mac, I found the s9 annoying when it comes to unplugging and plugging the usb. If the s9 doesn't get plugged out properly, it crashes when you turn it on. Sony's got no problems with it.
4. As for the build quality, sony would win on this one. My s9 is pretty much made of plastic. I'm the kind of person who actually takes good care of anything that I own. I'm a bit of a neat freak so everything has to be pristine to me. It's a mental thing. I took care of my s9 but it's just so plastic-y to me.
5. For the features that you seek (video playback, voice recording, radio), I'd pick cowon. They play almost every type of music file out there...tons of video format... I'm not gonna put so much detail into this. Always look at the specs.
6. Expandable memory - cowon would win.
7. User interface - sony takes this one.

Don't limit yourself to these 2, I'd consider sansa also.
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