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Default Why Rockbox?

First off, it's really great that the people at Rockbox are developing firmware for the Sansa e200. I have been looking at this player for a couple of years now, but I am very dissatisfied with the firmware for my Sansa m200 series. So, I don't have much faith that the e200 series firmware will be much better. My question is where is the ground swell to get Sansa to write better firmware in-house (or enter into a legitimate third party contract for development)? Other companies have incorporated the features that Rockbox offers into their firmware (Creative and Rio for instance). Why canít Sandisk do the same? Customers need to make Sandisk understand that if they want to position their player as an Ipod killer, great, flexible firmware is key!
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The firmwire is already better than the ipods...
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Creative doesn't have anything like Rockbox in their firmwares, and Rio unfortunately went the way of the Dodo... It's a very smart move of Sandisk to support Rockbox development somehow.

Read this for some advantages of Rockbox compared to stock firmwares:
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