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Old 12-04-2011, 05:11 AM
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Well they arrived and just the day after I ordered them Amazon UK put the price up to £146 shipped. I paid £132 and I had £40 of vouchers to take off that for doing these online surveys that I do most days.

So they are for my bro but I hooked an extension lead in to them in the box and linked em up to the hifi and left music playing at a real gentle volume for about 5 hours to to give them a gentle run.

After showering, cleaning my lugs and thoroughly drying my ear canals I liftedd them outa the box to have listen. As a comparison I had my Hippo VB , Senn HD280pro and Grado Sr60. Our DT990pro 250ohm are now living at the home of my elder son and so were not available but I prefer the sound of the SR60 anyway.

This is in no way a detailed review but my bro is in for a real treat. I listened to my usual tracks, Ryan Adams, 'Oh my sweet Carolina' , Two Gallants, 'Waves of Grain' Tori Amos, a selection from'Under the PInk' David Gray 'Babilon' The Wrens 'She sends Kisses' and some REM for 'Automatic for the People'

In short, no where near as dark or subdued as the HD280pro and more top end sparkle.

Damn but there is bass in buckets.

Soundstage wider than the SR60's and then some and with a lot more bottom end and a tad less top end tizz tizz.

So then I opened up the Linn in full room mode through the Bi amped Keilidhs and whaddaya know.....the DT770 came the nearest in terms of everything to what I am used to in my usual seat listening to my full sized system.

I then ran em through my Zen vision m (WMA 320kb variable) and found that modern tracks can be run at 20/25 for a decent volume but that older stuff, even fully remastered from Floyd and Zep needed 25/25 on the volume to be at a level that I listen to (mine has US not EU firmware)

So for home use hooked up to a decent amp, I could love these as much as my hifi but for portable I think I would need to invest in a nice battery amp to sit in the system from the line out on my Zen VM.

I prefered the sound way more than the SR60's in every way and I dont believe those that say all closed headphones are closed in.

I had a listen to my Hippo VB with comply tips.......damn what happened to the bass, the sounstage, the image, the separation......I now think that my Hippo's are poor .....

So, they were slid back into the box and leaft to beath for an hour before I gift wrapped them. I hope he enjoys them becuase they are the best headphones I have ever heard and the most I have paid....but I only got one brother and he is ace.
'There is a fine line between clever and stupid'..David St Hubbins

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