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thats what i want so say ;-),if anyone follow the 1.02.15 firmware description on the sticky (linked also by marvin) you read as the first bug solved is that noise.
I directly updated my clip zip that had most old firmware version to 1.02.17 and it also fixed the bug on the files that did the horrible burst noise, and those files did the noise only on the zip old firmware ,and playing the same kingston on my old fuzev2 and clip+ they play ok, both booting sandisk's original firm(with small gap, of course) and with rockbox 3.90 and 3.71(gapless as expected)
my players:
IRIVER: ifp-190 ,ifp-880 (broken), s10,t60,clix2/ COWON: u3, cowon u5,cowon s9 32gb,
: fuze v2, clip+, clipzip,LG: mffm15, mffm33, Treckstor ibeatcenso and my car's one!

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