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Yeh i've had an interesting affair with bluetooth. I started off buying generic 3.5mm bt dongles and speakers and the sq was def pretty poor. At low volumes or quiet sections you could hear a background hiss and also a low 'heartbeat' thumping hiss noise as well. It was bad.

I had read about apt-x and bought creative's d5 speaker which came with both a usb dongle for pc and a apple ipod/ipad dongle. There is no hiss, there is no issue with sq here, to my ears i cannot tell the difference between the two if i connected a device straight to the speaker via its aux input. It's almost an insult to call it bluetooth (as i think bt has gotten a bad press from its past issues and this doesn't sound like bluetooth of old).

I honestly think the technology is here now to allow us to go wireless with exceptional sq. The only issue is making headphones light enough to cope with the weight of a transmitter in them. A sansaclip + headphones and a short cable will prolly equal the same bulk/weight as a pair of BT IEMs. I can't really see it working for small IEMs yet until they compress the size down, a pair of cans is fine (or like the sportsband).

What's more of a concern for bluetooth is the pairing process. Its a pain to switch transmitters with the receivers, I don't care how many times u read the manual and think u understand the order of holding down buttons, searching for devices etc, it takes a good 5mins to set-up if u change yer pairing and wtf can be bothered with that!?
Having said that, the creative line of speakers does very well once a receiver (speaker) and transmitter (usb dongle or apple dongle) are paired. I have my D5 speaker up high out of reach, but all i need to do to get music playing through it is to plug the usb transmitter in my pc set foobars output to being BT and the speaker turns itself on automatically. Same for Apple dongles, just plug it in and that's it, speaker turns itself on. And to switch off just simply pull the dongle out and the speakers turn themselves off after 5mins of being idle.

I really should do a review of both the S2 and D5 speakers I have.

I'm just hesitant to buy the sportsband as that style of headphone doesn't lend well to my large lugs. I have to use IEMs or CANS really, not something that sits on the ear lol.
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