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I have enough experience with my own E30s now to have some confidence in my assessment of them.

I've been listening primarily to the Panasonic RP HJE-900s for the last year. I got the E30s to have a nice backup that would also be more comfortable for longer listening.

In a nutshell, the E30s are nice for the money. But, just because dfkt has the E30s ranked immediately beneath the HJE-900s please don't assume they are anywhere as good. (Of course he hasn't said they are, just that of the phones he has evaluated they rank next in line.) In my amateur opinion, that gap in performance between the two is possibly large enough for at least two significant intermediate steps.

The E30 signature is warmer than the Panas and pleasant enough for all day listening. To my ears, relative to the HJE-900s, the low bass is comparable but upper bass and mids are more emphasized and the treble more recessed. It's a matter of preference, but to me the Panasonic signature is more natural and accurate. Also the E30s are noticeably less precise, responsive and clear relative to Panas. The E30s add their own (not unpleasant) resonances while the HJE-900s sound crystalline and pure in comparison.

In terms of comfort I found the E30s to be pretty much what I was looking for. They are light and unobtrusive and with the right tip they stay in place. However, the spherical tips included with mine did not provide a good seal. The included bi-flange tips did insert further and seal well but weren't that comfortable for long periods.

I have been happy using Sony Hybrid tips with the E30s, but this has been for passive listening around the house. For active use a longer tip or bi-flange might be necessary to maintain the seal.

With the Panasonics I use MEElectronics M11 bi-flanges. After trying several other tips, I found those to be the best compromise between maintaining seal and comfort, though comfort is still not a strong suit of the HJE-900s. Possibly the MEElectronics bi-flanges might also be a good choice with the E30s.

Anyway many thanks to Martin for his reviews of both these phones. My experience is that they are very much as he says.

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