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Originally Posted by flomoku View Post
I have been reading the threads regarding battery issues. I replaced my battery few weeks ago with with LPCS285385 1400mAh 3.7V. My firmware version is v1.62.02 All the posts seem to indicate that this battery works best with firmware version v1.41.01

Is it possible that my firmware version v1.62.02 could be incompatible with this battery and hence causing my connection problems???? If so, how can I get a replacement battery that my firmware will tolerate??

Or, is it possible to downgrade my firmware to v1.41.01 ? If so, how can I accomplish this, since the ZEN can not be connected via USB to my computer?

I really appreciate any help you can give me

Hi ,
I had the same issues you had with my ZVM30 i bought a new battery online and replaced the old one and the unit worked ok.....until I updated the Firmware from the Creative site. After the update the unit would not work on battery power alone and even after charging for days...still nothing.

After long fruitless searches on the Internet, i packed the unit awaythinking that it was useless....that was months ago.

Toady I thought I might just have aplay around with the unit to see if i could get it going...but still had the same problem...then I thought, "what have I done to change the player and stop the new battery from charging?"....from the day the Firmware was updated the unit did not charge the new battery and reportesd it as "Low" I removed the new battery and inspected it. The little circuit board on the battery that controls the intelligent charge was different from the original,( which I was so glad that I didn't dispose of)...any way, I thought i took the circuit board off the original battery and replaced it onto the new battery maybe that would work , as the battery is just a battery but the Intelligent circuit was made by Creative...and "WALLAH"...all working agin and charging perfectly.

It appears that Creative have realised that people are replacing batteries from the internet and not purchasing any from them, so they have quickly written a Firmware update to render those batteries useless...thats the only way I see it, seeing as how the battery worked ok with the 1.41 Firmware installed.

Hope this helps.
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