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Default My IE7's just broke 0.o

I've owned my IE7's for just over a year, and they are fantastic.

But I'm suddenly finding the cable is showing signs of sudden wear. last week I found a tear starting to form buy the left earpiece( ). Then an hour ago, the right ear piece decided to stop working, although if I fiddle with the cable it works in certain positions. Seems to be a loose connection somewhere inside the headphone.

I don't miss treat them, although they are used on a daily basis. I am sure they are not fake, got them direct from when there were on sale for £80. They sound are look like the real deal. I was under the impression that the IE range cable was one of the best as far as IEM's go, So I'm a little surprise that they are starting to go already.

Is this a problem that anyone has experience before? And does the Sennheiser 2 year warranty cover this sort of problem?

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The warranty should cover it. Some people seem to have a much larger issue than others with their skin oil hardening cables. I myself have never had an issue with it. I think sun exposure probably plays a roll in the processes as well. Call up Sennheiser and give them a hard time(politely) and get them replaced.

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Should still be under warranty in the UK, isn't it 2 years over there.

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I gave Sennheiser a ring and it is in warranty, I can send it off to get it repaired or replaced. So all is good
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