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Originally Posted by mbamg View Post
I stumbled upon this thread while searching for Black Friday deals:

FYI before you read this I'm going to say that the author of the thread sounds like a salesman. I got pretty disgusted at some point but then the first impressions started to roll in.

I'm pretty skeptical about all the comments made in the thread, but since it doesn't cost too much I'd just thought if anyone would like to give their 2 cents worth (or maybe order it and give a brief review)? Even if it's only $7.11 US, apparently shipping can be more than the price of the IEM itself for certain countries.
yes, the rational parts of our brains say in order to sound great they must be expensive. with the right tips the signature is balanced. goes deep and clean. starts off bright, warms up nicely. that's about as brief as i can be. other peoples impressions are mixed, i suspect fitment and burn in issues account for the variety. the user with the hd 800s didn't like them. not enough detail. dsnuts isn't a salesman his "thing" is value, i wonder if it's not also an elbow in the ribs about spending big dollars or buying a "name brand".
when you see half of the headphones on ebay are "beats something" you realize that how susceptible we (using the term loosely because here, we're all so smart) are to peer pressure.
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