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Default Installation disk lost for sansa fuze +

I lost the disk that came with my sansa fuze + player, I haven't installed it yet on my computer, where can I find a download for this ?
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I don’t own the fuze but I’m guessing the only things on that disk are rhapsody, user manual, sansa firmware updater and sansa media converter. The only thing you might need from it is the manual and the media converter, which you should find here. I wouldn’t recommend their fw updater as manual method is best IMHO and you don’t need the disk to get rhapsody if that’s what you want. If you go this route I'd remove the updater once you get the items you need ...

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Don't have Fuze+ either, but agree with Walkgood. That disk is likely filled with superfluous stuff that is NOT essential to the basic functionality of the Fuze+.

Actually, here ya go, from the Sandisk Fuze+ site:
Package Contents:

  • Sansa® Fuze™+ MP3 player
  • micro-USB 2.0 data transfer cable
  • Earphones
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Rhapsody® software CD
So unless you need/use Rhapsody service, that disk is non-essential.
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I've never even opened the disk sleeve
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I have a Fuze, and I know the only thing that's on the disk is rhapsody. It would be nice if the Sansa Media Converter were present, or the firmware updater for that matter, but it's just the rhapsody software. Rhapsody can be helpful if you want to use it to transfer songs to/from your player, but you can use several programs to do that (or you can drag 'n drop your files manually)

However, I do still recommend you install Windows Media Player 10 or higher if you are running Windows (if you have Vista or Seven, you already have the newest Windows Media Player available, so you don't need to do anything). Even if you don't play on using Windows Media Player, it will still be necessary to have it in order to transfer files using MTP technology, which the player will attempt to use by default. Or, you can use MSC mode, in which your player will just emulate a USB flash drive (if you use this option, you will never need to install anything).

Might I add that the device seems to index your files better (that is, it analyzes your songs for the names of the songs, artists, albums, genres, ect.), especially when modifying files.

I hope I didn't confuse you too much.
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I doubt you'll confuse them. They haven't been here since the day they posted this.

Please stop bumping open old threads. There's no need to try to answer questions that have been resolved. Especially when you post things like your player somehow seems to organize files better when WMP is installed. Either it does or it doesn't and I haven't noticed any difference in all the time I've used it.
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