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Default my point of view

I have used in the past, both cassete adaptor and fm transmiter
I also agree on this:
I agree with walkgood and frezz on fm method:
The FM transmiter usually gets interferences from radio station
from 87.5 to 108 (anyfrecuency) you might have to change the transmission frecuency each 10km ,what a nightmare! only works well on "far from civilization"

The casette adaptor usually has low level output, some white noise , and
looses bass and treble (<100hz and >9khz fall more than on a real tape) but is less painfull than the fm transmiter
so i'd look to dfkt link and /or google for sellers

But ATENTION:Is much more dangerours having a DAP or an smartphone
coneccter cause you loose more atention than with a built-in cd player
or cassete (sooner or later all of us begin to change folders, read the small display, etc,etc) so try to keep the end of the jack cable far from your fingers and eyes
Just like driving with a recently bought GPS
my players:
IRIVER: ifp-190 ,ifp-880 (broken), s10,t60,clix2/ COWON: u3, cowon u5,cowon s9 32gb,
: fuze v2, clip+, clipzip,LG: mffm15, mffm33, Treckstor ibeatcenso and my car's one!
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