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Originally Posted by NEET View Post
I have here 2 Sansa Clips+ due to an issue with the earbuds.
One goes back.

But i noticed that the firmware versions are different?

One is V.01.02.15P and the other one is V.01.02.15A

Which one is the more recent one?

Also, tried it with both, no way to record FM-tune due to the signal getting weaker and there is always the background noise "tick tick tick tick".

I hope Sansa will fix this....
I own two 4gb clip+ (one with broken clip)
They came with xxx.15A and xxx16P , the older had better fm signal but BOTH HAD clicks when fmrec
There's two options:
A) Getting the new clip zip (radio is a good as the fuze and recs with no clicks but, in 24khz sampling frecuency .wav pcm codec)
B) Rockbox the clip+ and on recording sets put "-3db gain" , then clicks dissapear , the bad point is that the signal gets noisy (hiss noise) usually some min later .To avoid crossing fingers use the fuze and the zip for fm rec (and some of my iriver,LG and cowon daps)

Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
Hmm, that sounds like some hardware changed in newer Clip+ models?
My older blue 4gb clip+ gets FM less noisy than the newer 4gb blue ,
(although in is said that the different FM chip came with the zip)but i dont
feel any change in audio DAC nor headphone's amp , after "sennhereising " same files at same vol again and again ,nor battery life*
Both tested with OFficial firm and rockbox (thanks,dual boot)
*less tested
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: fuze v2, clip+, clipzip,LG: mffm15, mffm33, Treckstor ibeatcenso and my car's one!

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