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Old 11-22-2011, 02:02 PM
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Default Sony MDR V700 DJ review (from a personal point of view)

Since i didn`t found a review about those legendary headphones I decided to make my own.
Please, remember one thing - i`m not a DJ or professional musician so maybe for others my opinion will sound wrong. Ok, I was learning in a musical school and sometimes write some music by myself but that`s another story.

About those phones and why I chose this model.
As we all know this headset is widely used by DJ`s and other live performers. You often can see them in various videos, movies, and live performances on stage.
And, of course, we all remember legendary music video for a "Bomfunk Mc`s - Freestyler", do we?

Since Bomfunk was cooperating with SONY back in the days we can see a plenty of SONY products in their original videos, such as MiniDisc players, headphones, gaming consoles and other stuff.

So I got my first V700 headset approx 7 years ago (yes, i had two pairs. I gave first pair to my friend to play a DJ set and that headset burned down in a fire accident. No one was hurt. Luckily for me he returned the money. )
As a school kid I remembered how long I was saving money for that headset. I had a chance to test them in a local store with my Sony Walkman CD player and I liked the sound and build quality. Then i knew that I must get that headset.

About a half year later I got them from Ebay.
So, soon the first pair burned down and I ordered another one. Someone may ask why I bought the same headset since there`s so many bad reviews about them? Answer is - I really love these. They suits me perfectly.
Ok, a little specification from the web:

Type - Closed type DJ monitoring headphones
Frequency response - 5 - 30 000hz
Sensitivity - 107dB
Impedance - 24ohms
Magnet type - Neodymium
Cord type - coiled, 1-5m

First impressions (as I can remember - 7 years ago ):

I loved the box. The packaging. They were in a nice, black box, with a carrying pouch, instruction manual, and a gold-plated 6.3mm adapter for home amplifiers, DJ turntables, etc.
All looked solid, professional and impressive for a newbie in serious audio devices. There wasn`t that cheap, childish feel what you got with entry level Sony products. Still got that box somewhere, just don`t want to throw it away.

I don`t know what kind of ears many people have out there but this is the most comfortable headset for me. I`ve tested many. In shops and stores. Borrowed headsets from friends. But V700 I love the most. These are pretty heavy phones and sits on your ears/head very solid. I guess there`s some relation with that DJ`ing and all that stuff, because they must stay on your head even if you jump, dance, move, etc. Fits nice with a baseball cap.
Since I`m not using my car very often, i`m wearing those phones quite a lot while walking around, using public transportation, cycling, etc. Often they stays on my head for a half a day and I don`t feel discomfort.
Sound isolation is very good. A bit like with those ear plug headphones. Must wear with caution while on a street.
Leather pads are very comfortable, made from smooth and silky leather, they`re very nice, but mine got ripped in holes because of earrings. As the leather from pads are gone, so is the sound isolation and they`re more like open type phones now. Looking for a replacement.
Sometimes the jack connector is a pain in the ass - its in straight shape and quite long. Approx. 5cm and it could get on your nerves, while in your pocket. I`d liked "L" shaped more.
Coiled cord seems doing pretty well - it`s been stretched, hooked on door handles or chopped in car doors while i`m moving away many times but it`s still in one piece and always returning in original length when released.
Actually, i`d say that these are pretty tough ones. I`ve dropped them from a table height on a floor many times, they know how the rough asphalt tastes, also I never take them off, even it`s heavy raining or a snowfall and in approx. 4 years nothing happened - they`re still in one piece.

Ok, here`s your favorite part, I guess:

Sound quality (my personal opinion):

These are NOT bass lovers best choice.
Many friends take them for a test and says: "Hey, where`s the big bass kick that I expect from those ones? My SonyEricsson bundled phones sound better!"
And it`s true. There`s no overwhelming low frequency waves that destroys everything in their path like Shoop da Whoop.
But I like that. Low frequencies are well balanced and don`t overwhelm the whole spectrum. I love when I can clearly hear highs and I think that high tones are produced very crispy. Of course, a bit syntethic so, I guess some jazz, blues or rock`n`roll (live music) fans won`t like it. But for me it`s ok. Mids are produced well too.
About my choice of music - I like everything. From hip hop to etnic. From rock`n`roll to dubstep. From beatbox and 8bit to Gregorian chants.
So I guess that these are pretty good allaround phones. They`re suiting me very well. Also I love them when writing something with FL studio (computer program for music composing).Generally I compose Electro/ambient/industrial/drum style melodies and V700 are helping me a lot.
Oh and yes- those tin cans are loud as fuck! I` mean that they`re can hold up quite a punch. Of course that`s again with DJ`ing. You need quite a volume to hear something in a middle of a brutal party.

So my sound conclusion is - pretty well balanced sound with any device plugged in. May it be a phone, CD player, home radio, PC, MP3 or a tape Walkman, it`ll sound pretty fine. Some frequencies don`t overwhelm others and I like it. I like high tones. Syntethic but nice for me. Bass is deep, well balanced but not punchy and it will not kick your brains out trough your nose.
Though I guess that live and classic music fans would prefer some other headset.

Lifetime and durability of the phones:
I have my second headset for approx. 4 years. And I`m using it every day. With a MP3 or CD MP3 player or with a PC.
Sound have`nt changed from a day when I pulled them out from a box 4 years ago.
They have some scratches and tears but in overall, plastic details are in 90% good condition. As I said i`m using them with no mercy and they are not willing to give up. The pads/speakers rotate and tilt in many ways but still moving parts are in excellent condition. No cracks or broken parts at all.
Unfortunately I can`t say the same about leather parts. They`re tearing away...
Head band are ripped and scarred, soon the big "Sony" logo on the top of the phones head band will be teared away. There`s no leather padding left on the earpads, but, as I said, it was torn apart from my sharp earrings.
Fortunately, pads can be replaced and i`m going to replace them soon because of lack of sound isolation.

Overall conclusion:

They`re not that bad as people talks about them.

Pretty nice sound quality
Holds up quite a punch (plays music loud without cracking, etc noises)
Robust and tough as fu*k
Must have for a Bomfunk Mc`s lover

Lack of decent bass boost, sintethic sound (some users may like, others don`t)
Leather parts needs cautious care, use of carrying pouch is recommended.
Jack plug is too long, can be easily broken if tilted under angle.

Thanks for reading.
Comments and open discussion are welcome.

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sony mdr v700 dj review

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