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I got mine yesterday, I think they already got over 20h played in them, over 10h in my ears (the rest I just left them to burn in if needed). I didn't noticed any change in sound from start till now. Here is my impression so far:

- the silicon tips are bad. They are too soft and the shape of them is just not right. Compared to Sennheisers and Sony, you can clearly see that E10's tips got much less surface to have contact with your ear. Sound gets better if I apply some pressure on them (not too much cause bass gets too heavy otherwise) so I suspect it's problem in the fitting. So far using the dual type tips are the best, and the only one worth it.

- for the size of them, they are very light, the body is a bit wider, but not very long. With my silly ears, the left one fit like a glove, the right one's body itch my outer ear after a while. Will see how it goes later on, I think new tips might help me, cause the right one gets out of ear quite easily during walking, so it's probably the reason why it gives trouble.

- Badly miss L shaped jack and over-the-neck cable style, but that's just me (or is it?). Clip is a nice addition though, because we all know the unpleasant feeling when the cable get's pulled. They are very sensitive on cable noise, I guess over the ear might help if you willing to carry them like that. The clip doesn't help much reducing the noise. I think they let more sound to outside then my previous headphones.

The problems are all in ergonomic nature and some production decisions, but mostly it all depends on your preferences. Now the good things are most important ones.

- very clear and very neutral sound, while the bass can be described as punchy and very fast. They might fit more for the people listening "ritcher" sounding things then jazz and acustics. It's not that they are bad at performing other types, quite the opposite, their natural and clear sound is something that's very important with jazz and acustics and they perform quite well in that area. It's just that bass is more showed off in rock&roll and Hip Hop (although I got quite suprised listening to JJ Cale, so might change my opinion later on). But hey! They can provide both, so people with wide range of styles like me will be happy with it, it's just that with them you will rather hear Dire Straits one more time then skip on Townes Van Zandt.

Now please if someone could tell me where can I order some quality tips? I live in Croatia, Europe. I don't like using the defaults, and sennheiser's could use some better isolation for this kind of earphones, cause CX300 goes much more inside the ear, so they don't need longer tips. The double tips are quite excellent, but if there is some other good ones, I would prefer getting them cause I don't like feel when they go that deep in the ear canal.
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