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Default ZV:W 30GB with CF connector on HDD

I bought a hard drive to upgrade my 30GB ZV:W with (Toshiba MK1231GAL, a 5mm thick 120GB 1.8 ZIF drive).

When I opened up my ZV:W to attempt the transplant, imagine my surprise to find a Toshiba HDD with a CF connector rather than a ZIF connector! Was this common, or did I just get lucky?

So, now I've placed an order for a ZIF to CF adapter and will try installing that along with the HDD and see what results I get.

Anyone else run across this before? I guess I should have opened my player up before ordering the HDD, but in all my research I never found anyone mentioning that they had a CF-type connector on their ZV:W's HDD! Did I miss something?

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It would help if you posted some pictures, but I think you're lucky to find one that supports CF. Update us on your progress
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