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Default Alice: Madness Returns

Just got thee ps3 version today. Played about 2 hours so far , the game is really really good. I am glad I got it , have yet to download the original hd upgrade to the first game but the game came with a code for it.

Anyone else get it yet or try it ?
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Planning to play the first game before the second since the story continues I believe. The "HD upgrade" looks like a 10 minute hack job, got the game on the PC but haven't got around to installing it yet.
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I gave up on Alice , the game just inst good. It by far is not the worst game i have play of this generation but the bad level design and bad game play mechanics make me sad for what games are becoming. It goes from generic action platformer with a bad battle system to wtf side scrolling shooter moments. Being a fan of side scrolling shooter I can say the section added in Alice is just mediocre at best as side scrollers go. On a plus , the dresses are pretty cool and the art direction is ok, though not enough to keep playing. I am giving it to a friend today , I just cant get into it.
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I'm in chapter 3 now, I guess I lasted longer than Yuki. I think I will give up now, though.

It's just getting worse. Same old invisible platform jump crap, same old shrinking-to-get-through-keyholes which is really getting really old really fast. The game is just a grind.

Not to mention the slider puzzles. Fucking slider puzzles. Seriously. Yeah, you can skip them, but slider puzzles have been a tiresome nuisance in 1980. There is no fun in rearranging a 3x3 grid to show a picture. None.

Also, invisible walls everywhere. The game constantly reminds you that you can't go where you want to go. Sure, you can die with each step, dropping into an abyss, but you can't go left or right on paths, because there are goddamn invisible walls everywhere. Sloppiest level design I've seen in ages. I hope Yahtzee tears that stinker of a game a new one.

What a waste of stellar design - characters and backgrounds. I wish the game wouldn't suck so much, I wish the level design and difficulty curve would be somewhat humane or at least reasonable.

Bye, Alice. I had fond memories of you in the year 2000, in your first game. But this new one does not do you justice.

A pretty good summary which I agree 100% with:
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Too bad it's shit, the original is one of my favorite games of all time.
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