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I went from the J3 to the X7 - Here's my initial impressions

The X7 is bulky, but since I use it at my desk, that's a non-issue to me. It IS a lot bigger than the J3 tho:

The sound is the same as the J3: Brilliant. The user interface is different than the J3 and is has a few bugs: The X7 doesn't remember if you had shuffle enabled or not. It turns off shuffle every time you turn off the player. Quite an annoyance for me, as I prefer not to know what comes next. Gapless playback is not supported either, which gets kinda annoying. Not a big thing for me, but still an annoyance. Embedded artwork won't work on the X7, but I keep my covers as folder.jpg in the folder anyways.

On a positive note: Running firmware 2.08 I have the option to assign the volume keys to next/prev when the screen is off and the "M" key as play/pause. Great stuff, as the lack of physical buttons was one of my biggest concerns when making the switch.

I love the capacity (I went for the 160gb) and I generally like the interface, but those little bugs just annoy me. The J3 shows how well Cowon can do, why won't they do that consistently? I'll hold on to the X7 until they come up with a 160gb J3...

Oh, I dumped 130gb of FLAC on my X7 in one go (FW 2.08, Ubuntu 10.04) and not a singe problem yet.
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