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Originally Posted by Enzyme View Post
… please stick to my original question and stop hijacking the thread.

… your not using my system, you dont have my ears or perception of sound and your basing your facts on various dodgy websites like gizmodo rather than on your own well layed out experiments. …

… admins or moderators..please can you clean up this post a lil as its getting ludicrous in relation to the title and tainted …
If this thread doesn’t get back on track I’ll close it, the derailing was started when you began the cable discussion in post #11. At this point I’m reluctant to start deleting as the “myths” you posted should be challenged. It appears that you have different beliefs than most of us and spreading those myths here without facts to back them up only perpetuates them, which is what Enimatic, jupitreas and I tried to point out.

You would do yourself a huge favor by reading the articles Enimatic linked from Audio Wired Wisdom, Gizmodo and The Audio Critic. I would recommend starting out with the Audio Critic and #10, hopefully one of the articles will hit home with you and inspire you to do your own ABX testing as many of us have.

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