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The DT990 is actually a more open headphone than the DT880.
lol's ok jupitreas ur right about the 990's i had it stuck in my head that they were a closed version for some reason (i have a poor poor memory and its been a while since i looked at that info), thanks for pointing that out.
still i do like the sound change with it a lil more closed.

Beyer's own cables are more than good enough, they represent a standard professional cable quality that is really as good as it gets.
Inexpensive wires are also high-quality wires. This was demonstrated by Nousaine.

and theres a huuge difference between inexpensive and cheap, mogami are inexpensive.
i consider plastic foil insulation as cheap, and generally inefective (especially when half the time it is not terminated at the jack)
in a house\city full of rf producing equipment, my pc produces enough rf on its own (internal audio cables and the card are all insulated and use ferrites), i dont like picking up strange hums and the like.

also i need to shorten my cable anyways so why not go for something inexpensive with decent insulation?

as i said i wouldnt pay for anything expensive, i dont feel the differences would be noticable by myself.

Someone reading this thread later might think that upgrading one’s wires might improve the sound quality. Someone reading this thread later might think that lossy files are a poor substitute for lossless files. We are not going to let that happen.
then please stick to the point of my request and stop the random arguments such as vbr issues.

Evidence speaks a great deal louder than money
depends on the producer of the evidence, i was too tired to read through more forum posts especially after you linked gizmodo as a reference.

Amplifiers have also been ABXed.
uhh-huh...your point?

It is not a machine that gauges what can and cannot be heard. In an ABX test, it is always a human that does the listening. To properly appreciate the effectiveness of an encode, an unbiased listen is always superior to a biased listen.
ive done the listening, I << myself can tell if the file has been vbr encoded, especially when the quality level has been lowered (which is a computer generating cuts based on a mathematical formula, not by some lil magic audio encoding elf judging each and every sound) generally because there is stepping which tends to provide jumps in sound compared to a smooth sound, especially when using certain eq effects such as bbe\mpe which amplify such issues, not so much a problem with no eq applied,,which is not my case.

and again, i dont use lowered quality levels or vbr so the advantages of filesize are irrelevant,,in my case the use of ogg mp3 in general is irrelevant and in the majority of my tracks i prefer to use flac, where quality is less of an issue i'm happy to use ogg but when using on my j3 i will not use vbr as it does not work well with certain effects.

i have a massive (too much to really remember a specific song and its format) library which i play randomly and with the screen off, i dont play one album ogg then one flac and sit trying to spot differences, when an ogg track is loaded i can recognise it almost instantly compared to the flacs.

mp3\ogg encoding is still in its infancy and is best avoided.

WalkGood gave you good advice.
In professional applications I could agree, but your talking about a short application with a j3 that most if not all in a double blind test can not tell the difference, so unless you ABX and clearly identify a difference it sure is placebo. Try to ABX with foobar2000, I think you’d be surprised.
im not using foobar im using a j3 to listen regularly, a j3 with bbe and other effects in place.
im telling you i can hear a difference, if not i'd be happy to use vbr on a regular basis.

Someone reading this thread later might think that upgrading one’s wires might improve the sound quality. Someone reading this thread later might think that lossy files are a poor substitute for lossless files. We are not going to let that happen.
once again, please stick to my original question and stop hijacking the thread.

i asked for some simple amplifier advice not a god damn lecture on the in's and outs of the audio world, especially when your not using my system, you dont have my ears or perception of sound and your basing your facts on various dodgy websites like gizmodo rather than on your own well layed out experiments.
kindly stfu if you have nothing to offer and find some other post to try and earn yourself your boy scout badges.

to the admins or moderators..please can you clean up this post a lil as its getting ludicrous in relation to the title and tainted by the brown of this troll's nose.

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