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umm no its not the placebo effect.

yes, you have to pay a little more than rock bottom for decent plugs, shielding, insulation, etc.
nuff said.

the beyers dont come with decent quality cable with decent quality shielding.

mogami use decent quality shielding and core wire.

there is also crossfeed from the signal lines of poorly constructed cable to consider as well as rf interference,
the issue of wire gauge vs length and multi\single core cable differences (most of which fall into the brains perception of sound in regards to timing).

research "brainwave synchronization"

there are many advantages to not using basic cable, and i severely doubt that over the years, during constant testing in high tech scenarios such as professional studios that allll these people have got it wrong and should save money by using coathanger wire or even mains cable with some shielding around it and decent plugs (i have actually done that while being a bit broke and it sounds pretty crap).

i wouldnt bother taking gizmodo info as fact, they have some useful stuff but are often well off in there conclusions and results, they are not audio specialists.

tbh i'd take the fact that the professionals use (and have always used) high quality cable, as a sign that the websites are wrong.
money speaks a great deal louder than words.

you might also want to ask why amplifiers in general try to avoid wiring and circuit boards altogether and the top of the range components use point to point connections.

re cbr\vbr i have read that thread before, just remember your allowing a machine to gauge what can and cant be heard, what can be cut as silence and what should be kept, stepped waveforms do not sound the same as smooth waves, by using vbr the data is deeply stepped, in cbr it retains some of the depth found in the original wave form, and again i find it quite obvious when listening to a vbr recording that i know well, that it is just that. so i stick with cbr 320 for my ogg's if using the highest settings in vbr then there is no real difference in file size size. its a null point.
mp3\ogg encoding is still in its infancy and is best avoided.

so back to the subject at you have any amplifier advice or are we just gonna argue non-related points?

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