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Originally Posted by Enzyme View Post
i in no way intend spending hundreds on prebuilt cables or send in mod's from a company like moon audio. there i feel the wire would probably be let down by the 880's.
although they do have pretty wire

as for wire being placebo, you make a pretty bold statement there.
i can imagine in some cases this is true, but if your telling me a strip of silver doesnt have different affects on conductance\sound compared to ...lets say a paperclip. then i have to disagree, professional audio engineers have worked for many years trying to find the correct materials, and spend many thousands of pounds on studio cables in order to get the most accurate sound possible, there is truth in this very technical chemistry and it is far from placebo.

i have done various upgrades to my hi-fi systems over the years, and cheap wire sounds cheap.
It is the placebo effect.,,,
Logically this is not the lie to start with because cables are accessories, not primary audio components. But it is the hugest, dirtiest, most cynical, most intelligence-insulting and, above all, most fraudulently profitable lie in audio, and therefore must go to the head of the list.
The lie is that high-priced speaker cables and interconnects sound better than the standard, run-of-the-mill (say, Radio Shack) ones. It is a lie that has been exposed, shamed, and refuted over and over again by every genuine authority under the sun, but the tweako audio cultists hate authority and the innocents can’t distinguish it from self-serving charlatanry.

The simple truth is that resistance, inductance, and capacitance (R, L, and C) are the only cable parameters that affect performance in the range below radio frequencies. The signal has no idea whether it is being transmitted through cheap or expensive RLC. Yes, you have to pay a little more than rock bottom for decent plugs, shielding, insulation, etc., to avoid reliability problems, and you have to pay attention to resistance in longer connections. In basic electrical performance, however, a nice pair of straightened-out wire coat hangers with the ends scraped is not a whit inferior to a $2000 gee-whiz miracle cable. Nor is 16-gauge lamp cord at 18¢ a foot. Ultrahigh-priced cables are the biggest scam in consumer electronics, and the cowardly surrender of nearly all audio publications to the pressures of the cable marketers is truly depressing to behold.

(For an in-depth examination of fact and fiction in speaker cables and audio interconnects, see Issues No. 16 and No. 17.)
im one of those people that gets deeply annoyed listening to sub 320 bitrates, most of my music is lossless format, even a few tracks from the rave genres.
Perhaps you should take a look at the following thread starting at post number five.
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