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the leakage isn't so important, i wrote that in attempt to emphasize the volume issue in relation to

"EDIT: I find it hard to believe that you are not able to achieve satisfactory volume with your J3. I own a 250Ohm DT990 and it is driven by my iAudio i9 without any issues whatsoever, at about 25 volume level. It is more than loud enough."
but, i'd rather modify the existing casing to make the 880's into a more sealed unit like the 990's, in fact i was looking into this and had been experimenting a little and wanted to close them up slightly (perhaps 20% compared to how they are now) as i do prefer the sound signature changes, making a slight change rather than full does create a mildy stronger (not louder) sound without losing any airiness (i'm lacking words here ).

and thanks for the advice on the cables, i do need to shorten the cable as im tired of tucking a loop of cable into my pocket and its bad for the wire to keep tight bends in it. i thought i may as well grab some very reasonable mogami wire and do a full replacement as it has been suggested it works very well with the 880's.
i in no way intend spending hundreds on prebuilt cables or send in mod's from a company like moon audio. there i feel the wire would probably be let down by the 880's.
although they do have pretty wire

as for wire being placebo, you make a pretty bold statement there.
i can imagine in some cases this is true, but if your telling me a strip of silver doesnt have different affects on conductance\sound compared to ...lets say a paperclip. then i have to disagree, professional audio engineers have worked for many years trying to find the correct materials, and spend many thousands of pounds on studio cables in order to get the most accurate sound possible, there is truth in this very technical chemistry and it is far from placebo.

i have done various upgrades to my hi-fi systems over the years, and cheap wire sounds cheap.

i do like my loud electronic music this is true, but above all else i value quality, which is why i own a cowon, i listen to a vast vast range of music ranging from blues to doo-wop to gabba techno and darkcore breakstep jungle to punk rock, i couldnt list all the genres if i tried.
im one of those people that gets deeply annoyed listening to sub 320 bitrates, most of my music is lossless format, even a few tracks from the rave genres.

also i do not have the money for new headphones, and im pretty certain these are the ones for me, well until i become very rich
i studied the forums and data graphs very thoroughly for a few months before making the choice to buy.

im pretty convinced i just need a slight volume increase for whatever the reason, but as im annoyingly picky about sound i just want some amp options that wont degrade the sound in comparison to the quality of the j3.

i might have to go and ask on the amp building forums and get some opinions from the amp geeks.

thanks for replying though and sorry for being such a pain about this i do value the input.

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