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Originally Posted by lovasoa View Post
And previously in this topic, slade said that we could compile optimized binaries with , but I can't find it in the Makefile. Shouldn't we add this to the gcc options?
You should tell it to schedule for arm11, but the vfp option shouldn't make a difference; we don't use floating point in rockbox.

Originally Posted by lovasoa View Post
And do you know where do all the "Warning: R8 redefined" come from, when we compile ?
Rockbox is usually compiled with gcc 4.4.4 and binutils 2.20.1 (on ARM). In the past when we've had to change gcc versions we encountered quite a few problems due to subtle differences in how different gcc versions work. If possible, I would use gcc 4.4.4. It will save you having to troubleshoot gcc bugs.
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