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Tienbase - that looks like like a really good & easy cleaning method. I never tried foam tips bc I read everywhere they don't last long enough.

I mostly workout with my IEM's and I'm wondering if I apply your cleaning regimen, if it would make sense to try Comply's or even the Shure Olives or do you think I'd still go through them quickly?

I'm pretty OCD about my ear canal and clean them everyday and usually clean them before I use my IEM's too.

EDIT: Oh yeah I also clean my silicone tips after 1 or 2 workouts too. I always take them off the nozzle after I finish working out, in the off chance some sweat might've gotten in the nozzle so I let them air out.

EDIT2: ComplyGuy - How long would a set of Comply T-400's last if I cleaned them according to Tienbase's regimen after every workout? Same question with the TX-400's? I would only wear the tips then 3-5 times a week for 2.5 - 3.5 hours each time. Would acoustic quality deteriorate over time?

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