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Glad you're enjoying the tips! It's always nice to enjoy something you stumble on.
If you have questions, complaints, or just something to say, feel free to email us... Social @ Comply Foam . com (no spaces).

Note on length of life: the majority of people say the tips don't last long for two reasons — 1) the tips can get dirty and waxy, making them "too gross to use." People say they had to throw away tips because the gunked up with earwax, instead of actually being damaged or tearing, which is what it sounds like. 2) there is a bad habit of constantly applying the tips to the earphones, them removing them to apply to different earphones, then removing the to apply to the original earphones, and so on. Constantly removing/applying them dramatically increases the likelihood that the tips will tear.
These can be resolved in 2 ways (also): 1) keep your ears clean and wash your tips with warm water (only) when/if they get too gross. Washing will help a lot; be sure to let them dry completely before applying them to earphones again. 2) Only remove the tips from the earphones to replace them or clean them.
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