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Originally Posted by lebellium View Post
Maybe that could be clearer indeed (actually I did not write that, so that's not my fault )
BUT it is not written anywhere firmware 2.20 modded is required. It's just written "based on", that doesn't have the same meaning!

What's problematic and confusing is that Lorenzo did not change the version number of the new ROM. It's still written 2.20 in settings>system>about while it should be 2.21 , 2.30 or whatever.

To sum up:
Whatever you current firmware (1.25, 2.20 modded, 1.07 lol etc), install the R0.ROM from the Rockbox archive.

So now have fun with the player Appick hehe
Sorry, that's the problem when you do that sort of thing at one O'clock in the morning you misinterpret things! (It's bugging me I can't do smilies since Firefox went 8 so Big Grin here!!!) It's brill'. Gapeless, merged libraries, picks up from the last point in the last song that you were listening to even after unplugging from the computer! It's great. Do you think that it will be possible to get rid of things on the main page that you don't need or to move up Resume Playback to the first position. I only listen to music. I've got to explore more I've just found that you can start off in the library. If you click on Resume Playback and then the back key you go straight to the files folder. Is it possible to go to the library or even better the album folder containing the song?
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