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Default iPod cradle?

Can anyone suggest where to get an iPod cradle?


Must work with iPod 5 80G (i.e. thicker than usual) with Rockbox installed; play and charge or at least supply external power simultaneously; be small and have a line-level output.

I intend to hook it up to my own amp and speakers, so I don't want anything with speakers. Besides, those things usually look pretty ugly.

I'm not sure whether the original cradle satisfies these requirements, if there is such a thing. I kind of remember seeing one at somebody's house, but I don't remember where it was. I got my iPod used, and it definitely did not come with one.

It would also be nice if it supported the newer 120G iPod classic, which I may get later when there's a stable Rockbox release, and the iPhone 4S (my girlfriend has one and uses it way too much).

I took a look at a few obvious places online and found a couple of things but there is not enough information.

I realize of course that this site is called anythingbutipod, but it's a great resource I hope someone can still suggest something.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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