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Originally Posted by Tuur View Post
… So, if I understand you correctly, the ZO2 (or any other amplifier) works as a equalizer (and improves volume off course)? …
This is false, an amp is a device that increases the power of a signal and does not work as an equalizer. An equalizer is either software (firmware) or hardware that increases or reduces (adjusts) the energy of specific frequency bands.

Originally Posted by Tuur View Post
… So, if I buy an ZO2, than what is the importance of having a good mp3-player? Because i've read on this forum several times that say an Cowon J3 on flat EQ doesn't have better SQ than a Sony or a Samsung on flat EQ, and that the J3 is so good because of the BBE and the EQ. …
What you may have read is that it’s highly unlikely that one can hear the difference between volume matched top tier mp3 players on flat EQ and yes what makes the difference is the Cowon sound enhancements (called JetEffects) and the features one wants can differ from player to player.

Originally Posted by Tuur View Post
… So, does a ZO2 then surpasses the BBE and the EQ of the Cowon? …
Not IMO but it adds to the bass/impact that pleases some peeps taste.

Originally Posted by Tuur View Post
… I was just planning to upgrade my Cowon I9 to a J3 for the extended memory, battery life and dedicated buttons, but is it correct that with say an ipod classic and a Digizoid ZO2 I would get same SQ, or is this incorrect? …
I’m confused are you saying that an ipod with a digizoid zo2 would give you the same sound quality as a cowon J3? I don’t think so, but maybe an ipod with a good equalizer app can be tuned closely but I would still prefer the J3 IMO.

In closing I'd say go with the J3 and see how you like the sound out of the headphones you use, if you need more impact on your bass then give the ZO 2 a try ....

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