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Originally Posted by k5r2an View Post
Honestly, there's nothing placebo about the Digizoid ZO. Once you turn that thing on, you will definitely notice a difference in your music. I have my Clip+ rockboxed, but I'm too lazy to actually change up the settings to my personal taste, and the Digizoid ZO fixed all of my problems. It's up to you whether you want to spend $100, but I would personally recommend getting the ZO 2.
Thx for your opinion, i'm still in doubt.

Now, i really don't know a lot about sound. So, if I understand you correctly, the ZO2 (or any other amplifier) works as a equalizer (and improves volume off course) ?

So, if I buy an ZO2, than what is the importance of having a good mp3-player? Because i've read on this forum several times that say an Cowon J3 on flat EQ doesn't have better SQ than a Sony or a Samsung on flat EQ, and that the J3 is so good because of the BBE and the EQ. So, does a ZO2 then surpasses the BBE and the EQ of the Cowon?

I was just planning to upgrade my Cowon I9 to a J3 for the extended memory, battery life and dedicated buttons, but is it correct that with say an ipod classic and a Digizoid ZO2 I would get same SQ, or is this incorrect?

Thx beforehand, really appreciate you guys giving me some lessons about all this because although i have a passion for music and portable audio, I really know nothing about the technical stuff
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