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Old 11-09-2011, 03:20 PM
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Smile ZVM Harddisc Problem (even with brand new harddisc)


I finally managed it. I dropped my Zen smack into concrete while it was playing, and it stopped working completely. I went home and looked up how to disassemble ZVM, and successfully got the screen and touchpad to reconnect. The battery is fine, the screen is fine, the touchpad is fine. It plugs into the computer, and the computer recognizes it. But my damn harddisc doesn't seem to be working. It would tell me "harddisc problem" every time I tried to reload firmware or anything else of that nature. When plugged into the computer, the drive is recognized as having only "50 MB" storage.

I purchased a new hard-disc, hoping to fix my problems since the original drive had probably become damaged. This new hard-disc is of an identical make, 30GB Toshiba. I placed the ribbon in the new hard disc and snapped the other end of the ribbon back onto the circuit board... and I'm having the exact same problem. This hard-disc is brand new, yet is giving me the same error as my old one. Computer also recognizes it as "50 MB" - which makes no bloody sense, given it's a 30GB drive. That leads me to the conclusion that it isn't actually the hard-disc, but some other connection issue in my player. Maybe the ribbon itself? When my father was attempting to help me, he shoved the ribbon in the wrong way, and also bent one edge of it. However, I can't remember exactly what the edge of the ribbon is supposed to look like up close, so I have no idea if that might be what's damaged. Is anyone able to enlighten me so I can repair my beautiful old brick?

To summarize:

- "Harddisc problem", won't go past recovery mode; "50MB" on computer
- Everything else seems to be working
- Exact same problem with a brand new hard-disc
- Any ideas regarding what could be damaged are appreciated

[I also purchased a refurbished one (thank goodness, it seems to work just fine) in case this repair job is a failure. I tried to open that one up to compare its innards to my old one, but the damn thing must be super-glued shut, because the screws aren't turning at all.]
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