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Working in R&D myself, I'm always suspicious when people only show theoritical data about a product. If you've done your R&D work correctly, you must have gathered data versus competitors to prove your concept. Otherwise, it is not science anymore, just marketing BS.
It is certainly not a bad product, but given the pricerange, it all looked too good to be entirely true.

One note for you, Dfkt: if you have time and luxury to do it, please get some spherical Comply foams (Ts-400 or Ts-500, medium size, they're big enough even for large ear canals). They are a huge improvement over the T-400 that you tested on a number of IEMs including those ClarityOne. Better fit, better seal, and since they're spherical, they're a bit shorter than the conical foams = less risk of weaker treble and muddy bass.
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