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Originally Posted by Tuur View Post
Thx for your advice, you got me - once again - back to the sceptical side :-)

I remember that there's a guide on this forum for headphone amplifiers where you're warned for placebo-effect, so for me it's at the same time a bit strange to read a lot of good reviews for headphone amplifiers on ABI (f.e. about Fiio, Arrow, Pico products as well). For me this is the real difficulty. I can find several really positive reviews of the Digizoid on the internet, but on forums there are always some posters (nwavguy f.e.) with adequate knowledge and experience that tell otherwise, and it always makes me too sceptical to purchase.

It makes me wonder why people are still making this products if so little - obvious - difference can be made. I guess just everybody wants portable HIFI, but it is probably not gonna happen in the nearby future :-)

It's a shame that here in my city (Bruges, Belgium) there is not one store that sells portable headphone amplifiers, let alone that i could just for once hear such an amplifier in action with my own ears. Maybe i just have to order one after all and see for myself if these products can do what they promise.

If someone else has another idea about the Digizoid, i would be glad to hear it, and otherwise i just will have to take a leap in the dark i guess (or not, it's a dillema you know :-) ).
Honestly, there's nothing placebo about the Digizoid ZO. Once you turn that thing on, you will definitely notice a difference in your music. I have my Clip+ rockboxed, but I'm too lazy to actually change up the settings to my personal taste, and the Digizoid ZO fixed all of my problems. It's up to you whether you want to spend $100, but I would personally recommend getting the ZO 2.
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