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Originally Posted by lexfrmqu View Post
Appreciate the theme, its made my clipzip's screen usable. Small request I was wondering if it would be possible to put the time remaining and year where the track type, format and bit rate are. That way the track info could be a little bigger.
Thanks for the feedback. Everything is theoretically possible, that's just a question of will and time. Of course I can't make a different personalized version for everyone. Need a general consensus on the requests
Actually I put the album year at the bottom because it sounds more logical to me to gather these id3tags, it's a bit weird to have the album year apart from the artist and above all the album name. But yes it could be possible to put it where you say.

You mean add 'remaining time' or move the 'Current Time In Song/Total Track Time' ? Put 'remaining time' where you say is possible but doesn't sound logical to me to be apart from 'Current Time/Total Track Time' and if you just mean move the 'Current Time/Total Track Time' I don't think it's useful because I can't use a bigger font. There is not enough space between the cover art and the right screen edge to display up to xx:xx/xx:xx in a bigger font. You can see that on the screenshots: Child in Time from Deep Purple is over 10min long and xx/12:07 would only fit the space where you suggest with this small font.

The font on the top bar is also a little hard to read. Thanks again great theme.
Indeed the font is a bit small and hard to read but I don't have much choice to get enough space for all info. Maybe I can find a bit bigger and readable font that fits though. I'll check that
Meanwhile if you want to look for and try yourself, you can open the lebellium and lebellium Samsung-like.wps files and replace
# Clock
# Clock
and then go to the RB settings>theme setting>fonts and try which one is more readable
RB Fonts Pack to download here

Originally Posted by Marvin the Martian View Post
Didn't work for one of those data abort errors.
Sorry, can't help you about that issue. Looks like the theme works for the others so it's a bit strange...
Hopefully a RB expert can help you
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*

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