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Alright, this is my time to shine.

I have owned a Philips' GoGear Muse, and the bottom line is that I cannot recommend it, in good faith.

The touch-screen was not bad, but there was no way to scroll quickly down one's music list. So if you have, say, a mere three-hundred songs, you'll be there all day if you want to get to the twelfth letter of the alphabet.
Lack of volume controls, as you know, is a pain, and it really only gets worse as you go, not better.
The screen is vibrant and attractive, which is nice, but there are some unfortunate bugs:
Read up on the firmware before you update. I updated the firmware (after the tenth time trying to get it to connect) and it really caused my player to malfunction.
You can, for example, reorganize the icons on the main screen by tapping and holding until a ghost of the icon appears, then drag it around.
But with the stupid firmware update, every time the player restarted, all of my stuff would revert back to default, including the backgrounds.

So it's basically like this:

1. If you don't update the firmware (or if the firmware actually works for you) and

2. You don't mind swiping the screen for thirty minutes to get through your 1,000-song music collection and

3. You don't mind a resistive, good (but not excellent) touch screen and

4. It doesn't bother you too much to take it out of your pocket to adjust ANYTHING at all, then there are really no other downsides.

Oh, and beware of moisture damage. That's what happened to mine. Never leave the thing in the bathroom when you take a shower.

Edit: Also, there are really no advanced or exciting features. No wifi, no blu-tooth, no applications or flash support. (Though I was able to get an animated .gif to work as my background image for a few seconds, which was awesome)
You might have more luck with the thing than I did.
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