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Default Clip+ plus bluetooth electrical question

I am thinking of adding a bluetooth module from an ebay listing to my Clip+
(here is the URL of that particular module:

I am trying to figure out what sort of battery I would need in order to run both the Clip+ and this thing. The listing says it needs 3.7-4.5 volts (the bluetooth module) and the Clip+ uses the 3.7 volts also, but I've run into a question of current. The module is asking for 50mA of juice. How many mA does the Clip+ use? This will let me determine the length of time the battery would run, at least to start off. What is the current output capacity of the stock Clip+ battery? Anybody know how to figure this out so I can determine what alternate battery to use? Silly and overly complicated question, I know. But if anyone knows or can at least point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.

Oh, and P.S. here is the battery I've been looking at:

I plan to mod up my own case for the design, so the present size of the Clip+ case is not an issue (just to let you know). I do know that I could go with a DIY kit and make my own mp3 player (hassle), but I love Rockbox and am particular to the Clip+'s strengths, so I'm trying to stick with that. Plus I already have a Clip+, which saves on investment.

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I think the stock clip battery is about 330 mah.
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The Clip+ has a 290 mah battery. The battery in the original Clip is 330 mah.
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Default Thanks

Thanks yall. From what I've read elsewhere on this, it seems the alternate battery may work, as long as I wire it through the regulator that came on the original battery (and of course remove that old battery). So the mod can proceed, as far as I can see. Worst that happens, I melt my old clip+ (or blow it up, but I'd rather not think about that).

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