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Originally Posted by saratoga View Post
The size is right that you could put an Ipod Nano battery in the clip. You'd have to solder though to get it in.
Does it matter which generation of iPod Nano battery? I couldn't find useful specs for them all, but I would think they're differently shaped/sized.

I really need a new battery in my Clip, and maybe it would be cheaper to buy an iPod battery than buying a v2 Clip to put the battery in my v1 Clip... maybe. :P
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I guess pop out the clip battery and measure its size. You just need to find one thats roughly the same size so it fits in. Ipod replacement batteries actually have slightly different dimensions depending on the brand, but a lot of them list the dimensions:
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Almost every media player, camcorder, camera or cell phone I've looked at uses a 3.7 volt lithium ion battery. Is there any reason these wouldn't be interchangeable provided they fit? In the case of the Clip and the Fuze, for example, does the plastic battery pack contain any chip or other component that's needed in addition to the battery? If not, what function does all that plastic serve?
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aarons510, yes they would be interchangeable, though in addition to the battery itself there is attached a protection circuit which you would need to transfer over from the old battery to the new, meaning you have two leads to solder between it and the battery, and it connects with three leads to the player (red-positive, black-negative, blue-thermal).

Since many of the replacement batteries come with their own protection circuit already connected it is reasonable to assume you can just use it instead if included.

I'm not sure what you mean by "all that plastic" though, if you mean pictured in the link saratoga provided, it's simply a label, and a layer of additional protection which isn't needed much once it is secured in the player - and yet no need/reason to remove it if the battery fits with it on still. Some of the batteries, typically those meant to be user-replaceable, do have an outer plastic cassette type shell around them, but I would be cautious about trying to use those because you could damage the cell trying to remove it and as tiny as the Clip battery is, to have plastic around it too would tend to mean the replacement's capacity is significantly lower even if dubious specs suggest otherwise.
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Does anyone know the "shelf life" of these lithium ion batteries? If I buy a second Clip Plus as a spare for when mine's lost or broken, can I expect the battery to still take a charge in, say, five years?
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Welcome to ABi

Not a good idea trying to stockpile lithium based batteries. There's ways to help extend the shelf life by using optimum storage conditions but they start deteriorating from the day they're made. You'll find much more detail on this at the Battery University.

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That's kinda what I figured. Good link, thanks.
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